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Contemporary clothing –
tradition included

Since its creation in 1945, the image of ÚĽUV has been shaped by contemporary artists inspired by traditional crafts and production. In the field of clothing, several ancient crafts immediately come to mind: dressmaking, weaving, embroidery, lace-making, shaggy sheepskin production, shirt-making, millinery, furriery, indigo print, knitting using a loom, mould or needles, as well as crochet.



The exhibition of collections by five textile and clothing designers entitled “Contemporary Clothing – Tradition Included” follows on from similar activities by ÚĽUV in the past. All exhibiting artists base their work on tradition. Perhaps this is the result of their studies, since they attended courses at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava taught by several lecturers whose work had been associated with ÚĽUV in the past. Perhaps it is the result of their education and inner spirit, shaped through dialogue with our past, our roots and ancestors. Each artist has their own recognisable and original signature, defining their work, but the exhibited clothing and accessories are linked via innovation to traditional craft, traditional technologies and motifs. The common tendency of the exhibiting artists also lies in a return to the honesty of craft and respect for values which have lasted for centuries. We can sense a return to nature, to natural materials and sustainability in their work, which is today a clear worldwide trend.

The exhibition is mobile, are you interested in opening it in your premises?

These designers are reviving traditional crafts such as pleating, weaving, knitting, macramé, embroidery and indigo print. In addition to textile techniques and materials, they are also inspired by traditional architecture (for example the structure of shingle roofing), Haban majolica, as well as work by important figures in this area of our culture, such as that of the artist Karol Plicka. Designers created several special models for ÚĽUV based on their own collections.


Organiser —
ÚĽUV, the Centre for Folk Art Production
Financial support —
Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic